The Energy Impacts’ Webinar Series: Community Impacts of Energy Development, was presented in partnership with the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development. The series focused on synthesizing, coordinating and learning across social science disciplines that study the community impacts of energy development. A diverse team of experts from political science, public health, geography, sociology, and economics contributed as hosts and speakers.

A team of geographers and rural sociologists, together with a science communication professional, created a set of educational materials for researchers studying the social impacts of energy development. Completion of the self-paced online module and Workbook and Planning Guide will prepare researchers for community engagement in locations that host energy development.

The first annual Energy Impacts Symposium was held on July 26 & 27, 2017 at the The Nationwide & Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio.  The Energy Impacts Symposium provided a forum for energy-related social science experts to present, collaborate, and review research from across energy regimes.





The edited volume "Energy Impacts: A Multidisciplinary Exploration of North American Energy Development" is an outcome of the 2017 Energy Impacts Symposium and the Research Coordination Network, both supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation. 

Energy Impacts Research Coordination Network works to positively influence the nature and magnitude of energy development outcomes by providing policy makers, community officials, and energy executives with coordinated and useful social science to understand and mitigate adverse effects of energy development. 


Led by a cross-disciplinary committee of faculty from research institutions across North America, the Energy Impacts Research Coordination Network seeks to overcome topical, disciplinary, and geographic silos in order to facilitate breakthroughs in understanding the social and community impacts of energy development.
As novel forms of energy development proliferate across North America, researchers, practitioners, and community leaders seek credible and relevant information about potential human impacts. A growing cadre of experts is engaged in important new research on the social, economic, and behavioral impacts of large-scale energy development, but integration of their discoveries into broader scientific literature and policy  discussions can be slow. This is in large part due to difficulties coordinating research, resulting in missed opportunities for synthesis and innovation.



Julia Haggerty, Assistant Professor

       Rural Geography

       Montana State University


Jeffrey Jacquet, Assistant Professor

       Rural Sociology

       The Ohio State University




Dr. Scott Smalley, Educaton Specialist

       South Dakota State University


Anne Junod, PhD Student

       The Ohio State University



John Adgate, Professor

      Public Health

      University of Colorado


Hilary Boudet, Assistant Professor

      Public Policy

      Oregon State University


Kathryn Brasier, Associate Professor

      Rural Sociology

      Penn State University


Marie-José Fortin, Professor


      Université du Québec




Mike Pasqualetti, Professor


      Arizona State University


Gene Theodori, Professor


      Sam Houston State University


Jeremy Weber, Assistant Professor

      Public and International Affairs,


      University of Pittsburgh




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